Encompass Administrator Certification

Experienced Encompass administrators attend the Encompass Administrator Certification to leverage advanced topics designed to take your organization's Encompass instance to the next level while maintaining optimal system performance.

This interactive course helps you achieve real world experience through numerous hands-on activities and an extensive business case example. Before leaving the class, you will complete a practice exam. This will set you up for success when you are ready to take the Encompass Administrator Certification exam.

More detailed course information is available on the https://elliemae.com/education/courses/encompass-administrator-certification


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Encompass Administrator Essentials Workshop

Maximize effectiveness and master foundational Encompass Administrator skills. This class delivers a foundational level of knowledge and skills for new Encompass Administrators to perform essential Encompass administrative functions. Participants will also gain tips and tricks to make administrative functions easier.

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:
• grant access to users
• define business rules to limit user access, enforce workflow requirements, and define field values
• create custom input forms to increase the efficiency of data entry
• work with admin maintenance tools
• troubleshoot basic problems


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Encompass Administrator Recertification

Encompass Administrator Recertification •You have up to 30 days past your previous certification expiration date to pass the exam. •You have five attempts to pass. •Each attempt has up to 180 minutes in which to take the exam.
If you do not pass the recertification exam within 30 days and within 5 attempts, to obtain a new certification you will be required to register in the full certification program. Any cost paid for this recertification will be applied towards the cost of the certification.


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Encompass Broker Implementation Essentials

This 4-day Instructor-led Broker Implementation Essentials course helps you understand and implement the fundamental settings to begin Originating and Processing loans in Encompass.

Course Duration: 2.5 hours each day for 4 consecutive days.

Your instructor will demonstrate the Encompass software settings using Zoom video. For the best learning experience, we recommend that you use two monitors, if possible. One is for the Instructor’s demonstration while the other is for your hands-on implementation in your Encompass.

Adults retain information and increase productivity as they interact with the instructor and other attendees taking the course. Please be prepared to unmute your phone in order to respond to the Instructor’s questions and to interact with attendees. While not required, you may turn on your video camera.

Day 1: You will perform the steps for setting up your Company Information, Services Password Manager, Organizations and Users, Personas, Milestones, Auto Loan Numbering, Loan Folders, Alerts and Tasks. You will learn how to find answers and HELP within the Resource Center, along with how to Manage Contacts, which allows you to create Technical Support Cases when you have Encompass issues.

Day 2: You will perform the steps for setting up Default Input Forms, Custom Print Forms, Print Form Groups, Loan Custom Fields, and the eFolder. Although most Brokers do not send the borrowers the Loan Estimate within the Disclosure package, the trainer will demonstrate how to send an “At Application Package,” which does not include the Loan Estimate.

Day 3: You will perform the steps for setting up Borrower and Business contacts, Tables and Fees, updating the MI Tables for FHA and VA loans, and 2015 Itemization fees for predefined closing costs.

Day 4: You will set-up a loan Loan Template Set, which includes templates for Loan Programs, Closing Costs, Input Form Sets, Document Sets, Tasks Sets, and Data Templates. You will learn about long-term maintenance as an Admin in System Administration settings, where you can manage Current Logins, All Users, Unlock Loans, and Reassign Loans. In Additional Services, you’ll see how to give users access to the efolder. You will also learn how to search the Resource Center for helpful answers to common questions.

The Instructor has the right to move some topics to other days, if the need arises and is in the best interest of productivity for training.


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Encompass Developer Advanced Certification

Do you already know about REST and the basics of executing Encompass Developer Connect calls? Take your Encompass development experience to the next level with the four-day Encompass Developer Advanced Certification. You'll leverage the Encompass Developer Connect portal and helper tools, plus walk away with the ability to configure webhooks. You'll also build advanced pipeline searches and work with custom data objects using the .NET Language Bindings. While you can use the .NET Language Bindings to begin your Encompass software development, we'll look at how to modify the .NET Language Bindings to meet your expanding needs. Finally, we'll focus using the Web Input Form Builder to customize web input forms with custom event handlers and integrate plugins with Encompass LO Connect.


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Encompass Developer Essentials Certification

Become a Certified Encompass Developer
Are you a software developer new to using Encompass Developer Connect? Or are you an Encompass developer looking to strengthen your development capabilities? The 3-day Encompass Developer Essentials Certification focuses on developing applications using Encompass Developer Connect, while leveraging the Encompass Developer Connect Portal for research and testing. You’ll use the Encompass Developer Connect APIs to create, update, and report on loans, plus add and update eFolder attachments within loan files. You will also use Microsoft Visual Studio® to develop working applications with Ellie Mae’s open source .NET Language Bindings.

By the end of this course, you should be able to:
• Identify the requirements of executing Encompass Developer Connect calls
• Leverage the Encompass Developer Connect Try It Feature
• Research APIs in the Encompass Developer Connect Portal and GitHub
• Execute Encompass Developer Connect calls using Postman
• Use .NET Language Bindings to assist in application development


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Encompass Developer Recertification

As an experienced certified Encompass Developer, this class provides an opportunity to demonstrate your ongoing mastery of the subject matter. A study guide is provided with the updated course content for your individual content review, following which you will have 5 attempts to successfully pass the certification exam with a minimum passing score of 80%.
IMPORTANT: It is recommended that you set aside 15 total hours for exam preparation - including the study guide review - and taking the exam itself.


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Encompass HMDA Workflow

Are you struggling with collecting or completing HMDA data early in the loan process? This session will focus on honing the Encompass workflow early in the loan process for collection and recording to help streamline reporting. Learn how to use Encompass to generate your HMDA Loan/Application Register (LAR) to submit to the CFPB platform. Join Ellie Mae trainers for demos and interactive discussion to walk you through the workflow, and discover ways to increase efficiency in your own processes.


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Encompass Mobile Boot Camp For LO Connect

This no-frills course is designed for a Loan Originator on the go. The Encompass Mobile version of LO Connect allows a loan originator to easily contact borrowers and discuss rates, create new loans or opportunities, and order services directly from a smartphone. Beginning with the mechanics of pairing your smartphone to Encompass Mobile and working through Pipeline navigation and loan origination, this online course includes activity simulations that work on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. If you are a technology-savvy, self-starter looking for timely and accurate guidance, this course is all you need.


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Getting Started With HELOC Automation On Demand

Work at your own pace processing steps and completing activities to improve your agility related to Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) loans by learning how to leverage templates and to refine your origination workflow.

Through guidance and activities this course will help participants create automated workflows for the HELOC loan programs offered using HELOC Tables, Loan Program Templates, and Dynamic Data Management rules.

Audience: Encompass Administrators
Knowledge Level: Intermediate


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