Social Media And Advertising In Mortgage Lending

Social Media and Advertising in Mortgage Lending

Social Media And Advertising In Mortgage Lending

Course length: Approximately 30 minutes

This course covers how to use social media and advertising legally and appropriately in a mortgage lending environment. It details the disclosure requirements for social media sites and advertisements, including licensure, business name and location, and federal regulations concerning use and placement of law-related logos. The course addresses risks of social media use, including data and brand protection. Learners view several scenarios concerning use of social media and advertising and learn strategies for handling interactions with the public. The course also addresses legal and appropriate use of advertising materials, related laws, and how they affect social media and advertising in a lending environment.

Course objectives include:
• Identify appropriate social media interactions in a mortgage lending environment
• Describe the components of compliant marketing and advertising materials
• Explain the impact of laws and regulations on social media use and advertising communications in mortgage lending

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