Regulatory Compliance For Processors

Regulatory Compliance for Processors

Regulatory Compliance For Processors

Course length: Approximately 45 minutes

A mortgage processor plays an important part in a company’s ability to stay in compliance with federal and state regulations. A processor is usually the first person to see the quality of the application and can have a significant impact on monitoring compliance on the customer’s behalf. This course will provide you with information you need to help you maintain compliance with the law as you process loan files. It will also provide you with tips and best practices so that you can provide the service to your customers that they deserve.

Course objectives include:
• Define a credit application
• Identify disclosures needed at and after application
• Recognize the requirements of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act
• Identify the requirements for flood insurance
• Distinguish best practices to safeguard customers' rights

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Last Updated 07/2018.

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