Preparing The Closing Disclosure

Preparing the Closing Disclosure

Preparing The Closing Disclosure

Course length: Approximately 45 minutes

This course covers updates to some critical regulatory requirements that dictate preparation of the Closing Disclosure, including laws in effect as of 2018. The course walks the learner through each section of the form and explains in detail how to correctly enter information. It also addresses some common transactional differences for which the form requires alternate information. At the end of the course, the learner will be able to explain the legal requirements of the Closing Disclosure, describe the contents of each section, and identify fields and sections that can change.

Course objectives include:
• Explain the regulations and legal requirements of the Closing Disclosure
• Identify the requirements for the fields on each page of the Closing Disclosure
• Explain conditions under which the document requires alternate information

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Last Updated 09/2018.

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