Essentials Of Bank Compliance For Mortgage Servicing

Essentials of Bank Compliance for Mortgage Servicing

Essentials Of Bank Compliance For Mortgage Servicing

Course length: Approximately 30 minutes

It is essential to be familiar with bank compliance and the role compliance has in the day-to-day operations of the financial institution. To be successful, each employee must be familiar with the compliance laws and potential consequences of the bank's non-compliance.

This course highlights the regulators and regulations governing servicing operations, and details the requirements and disclosures for each of the acts.

Course objectives include:
• Identify laws and regulations that affect servicing activities
• Describe the relationship between state law and federal law in terms of compliance
• List regulatory entities and which servicing-related laws or regulations they enforce
• Explain the effects of RESPA requirements on servicing activities
• Describe the disclosures required under FCRA

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