Determining Your Role In Fraud Prevention

Determining Your Role in Fraud Prevention

Determining Your Role In Fraud Prevention

Course length: Approximately 25 minutes

Determining Your Role in Fraud Prevention provides mortgage loan originators (MLOs) and mortgage operations personnel with a detailed look at mortgage fraud characteristics, the ways individuals or groups perpetrate fraud in a mortgage transaction, and strategies to detect and reduce mortgage fraud. This course presents an overview of mortgage fraud statistics in the United States, including prevalence, trends, and geographic risk indicators. Learners will cover details of mortgage fraud characteristics, motivators, and common fraud schemes, and the red flags that may indicate the presence of mortgage fraud throughout the loan process, beginning at the point of application. This course explains the MLO’s role in fraud prevention, describes available tools that help combat fraud, and presents strategies for MLOs and operations personnel to protect themselves and their companies. This course is intended for mortgage loan originators and operations personnel who wish to refresh or increase their knowledge of mortgage fraud.

Course objectives include:
• Identify types of mortgage fraud by their key characteristics
• Describe common mortgage fraud schemes
• Explain how to recognize red flags as indicators of mortgage fraud
• List tools and strategies that help you prevent fraud
• Describe your role in protecting your company against mortgage fraud

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